A visit with Great Grandma

The days and years go by too fast, and the visits and time with family, the truly important things, get lost in the shuffle of daily life. My grandmother lives about an hour and a half from me, but for one reason, of for or a dozen bad excuses, I see her just once a year on average. I was excited when she made the journey to join us in June for Mariah’s graduation party. We also got to see her last week. We’ve made it somewhat of a tradition to get a visit in around the Christmas holiday. This time, with Miss Connie along for the trip. This is only her second opportunity to visit with her Great Grandma Elaine.

I was so in awe of my sweet babe. She embraced my grandmother and Aunt Peg as if she had met them many times in the past. She giggled at the over zealous puppy. She shared kisses and talks and smiles.

I should have brought my good camera along for this visit… My cell phone takes awful photos, but our time together was captured nonetheless. I also shared a video clip of Connie giving great grandma kisses on my Facebook page. Heart-melted.

20151230_180337 20151230_183144


20151230_184056 20151230_163728

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