Meeting Greydon

My brother is a grandpa… sometimes I still have to let that sink in. That means of course then, that I am a Great Aunt, a.k.a. Granut LoLo! Greydon celebrated 1 year of life back in August, and in July (this post is overdue) we got together for a visit while he and his sweet mama were home from Washington. It was a warm sunny day and great for sitting by the pool and hanging with family.

Below are photos of the first meeting of Greydon (13 months) and Miss Connie (3 months). It’s amazing how much my lil girl has grown and changed and developed since this visit.

The first image is of my brother and mother with their grandbabies. Greydon was not too sure about this new babe coming in a stealing his attention or playing with HIS toys!

Hopefully these two babes will get some more visits together in the New Year.

DW4A4824_1 DW4A4816 DW4A4811 DW4A4788 DW4A4780_1 DW4A4778 DW4A4772_1 DW4A4770_1 DW4A4753 DW4A4748_1



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