Miss Connie had her first taste of sledding this past weekend at the Schluter cabin. We arrived late and missed many of the guests, but we made it in time to catch the remaining light in the day.

Connied tucked away in one arm, sled in the other, Cody made his way to the top of the hill. I stayed at the bottom of the hill to record the ride. I had no concerns… until the started down the hill. They picked up speed quickly and traveled faster than I anticipated. Cody attempted to slow down by putting his feet out, that just threw snow into her face. Mere seconds later, they were safely stopped at the bottom. Connied didn’t seem scared or upset, nor did she seem to love the experience. I think she was trying to just take it all in. 

Afterwards, Grandma held Connie while Cody and I took a couple trips down the hill to rekindle our childhood memories.


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