10 Months

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wanted some ‘love day’ images separate from her monthly images so last week I captured some in advance of Valentine’s day. Aunt Laura and Uncle Wayne gifted an adorable outfit. The shirt says “I love you” all over it, the sweater has heart pockets, and the red pants bring it all together. Red is definitely her color. DW4A2364_1 copy DW4A2402_1 copy DW4A2412_1 copy DW4A2422_1 copy

As month #10 falls today, I thought we should continue to celebrate this corporate holiday and show off some hearts, thus the fun pants from Grandma Cathy (shirt from Nanny Mackenzie). She showed off some personality too.

Weight: 20 lbs   |   Height: 30″   |   Head: 18″   |  Teeth: Eight

Eyes: Hazel / Greenish-brown.  |  Hair: Brunette.  Lengthening and thickening slowly.

Eats: My supply dwindled and we ceased breastfeeding last month. I am thankful she loves food and does well with trying new things. Ending nursing was harder on me than on here I am pretty sure. She enjoys feeding herself so we try to give her finger food options that she can manage on her own. We let her sample most anything, avoiding sugar and heavy spices. We consume a pretty organic/healthy diet so we feel comfortable with her eating what we eat.

Vaccinations: Just 1. The DTaP administered at six months. Details.

DW4A8058 copy DW4A8060 copy DW4A8062_1 copy DW4A8068_1 copy DW4A8072_1 copy DW4A8081_1 copy DW4A8083_1 copy DW4A8100_1 copy DW4A8104 copy DW4A8107 copy DW4A8111_1 copy DW4A8114_1 copy

Valentine’s day is the date that Cody and I mark as our first anniversary-our first date! We met at a Super Bowl party on February 7, 2010, had our first date February 14, 2011 and here we are five years later in disbelief that we have an almost one year old. In true Cody fashion, he humored me with not one, but two sessions today!

Getting her images gets harder every month. She is so mobile, and determined! For session #2, I had help! We met up with Team Giblin at Indian Lake Park and got some bona-fide snowy day photos. We have scheduled and rescheduled this shoot a few times trying to get the right conditions for a wintertime family session. The snow was perfect and no photoshopping needed to add the winter element.

Photo credit for below images goes to Rachel Manzke Photography._L3A7904_1 copy _L3A7924_1 copy _L3A7944_1 copy _L3A7998_1 copy _L3A8005_1 copy


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