At the end of August, we welcomed yet another addition to Bear Vale. We had been considering adding another dog, especially after losing two over a 13-month period, and considering Kava will be 11 in November. A friend shared a pup recently put into the system looking for a forever home and his face captured me.

Astro was a very young stray in the Houston area where their unhomed animal population is nearly 1 million. He was picked up and put into foster care then transferred to Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin which is an agency that works to save animals from being euthanized and find a loving home.

I submitted an application and indicated my interest not even realizing he wasn’t yet in Wisconsin. Within a couple of days of making the trip he was brought out to our farm for a meet and greet but I was already sold–I would have had to witness major behavior issues to deny him at this point. His foster mom turned him over to us and he has since been a great addition to our family.

Classified as a border collie, German shepherd, lab mix, he is estimated to be 9 months old and has an amazingly calm and sweet personality. He is also very eager to please. We’ve been working on commands and he picks up quickly and is very smart around the livestock keeping a very safe distance. He loves Nora and it is good to see her able to play at full-speed again after being without Gus for many months. Kava is warming up and I hope she can extend her natural smarts to him before we have to one day also say good-bye to her.

I wasn’t in love with the name Astro so I selected Kyzer and Cody picked the spelling for the name. 🙂 I am very happy with our adoption and very impressed with his pup. No doubt he will mature into a very find dog.


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