Halloween 2016

I did not have any intention on dressing Miss Connie up for Halloween this year.  Afterall, she is only 18-months-old so does not yet grasp the concept of trick-or-treating. And we don’t permit her to have sugar, especially in the form of candy, so what would be the point?

My sister and I were typing back and forth as we often do and she asked what Connie was going to be. I sarcastically replied, “a dog trainer or a cow herder”.  I included photos of our lil farm girl with both Kava and the cows to demonstrate the idea. Sis was not impressed.

October 30 was our due date for James and I was preoccupied with thoughts of him and what could have been over the weekend. My sister reminded me that life is sometimes unfair, but it goes on and in the future, we’ll have a little lady who will look back on photos and ask us about experiences, “what was I for my second Halloween?” she might ponder.

Her first Halloween was a notable one. We made the trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to join DW4A0221_1 copyup with my sister’s family. My nieces dressed as Elsa and Ana from Frozen, and Miss Connie complimented them as Olaf. It was quite adorable. Afterwards, we continued our road trip for a visit with Grandpa Carl in the Wild West.  How were we going to top that? I only had hours to figure out a costume.

Any true farm girl has a pair of bibs. Some straw from the barn and a bit of makeup, and we had a costume: Scarecrow Connie! We met up with framily and enjoyed a lovely evening strolling through Plain. Connie shared a wagon ride with Brody, some straw with a pirate, and discovered another scarecrow girl! It also gave us the opportunity to visit with Grandma Cathy and Great Grandma Betty.

Connie was definitely excited to see Daisy and help Grandma pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters; and she enjoyed Great Grandma’s popcorn.

She took the whole experience in stride. I shoved straw in her pockets and up her pant legs, had to reapply makeup a few times as it got rubbed off, and so many that she encountered were dressed up in strange attire–she acted as if it was all normal and was such a good sport. Mamas get wrapped up in the finite details that they feel makes their little one unique. Last night I was certainly absorbing as many of these intricacies and was in awe of her. On the ride home, I cried tears of gratitude and happiness for the amazing soul in which I have been given the important responsibility to nurture.

Thank you, Sis, for giving me some well-needed advice and mama guilt. Grateful for you, your wisdom, and the tremendous love you shower my daughter with from afar.

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