Pope Farm Conservancy

On Monday, Cody started a new job after 12.5 years with The Kraemer Company. Spoiled with a short commute for so long, he is acclimating this week to the journey to Mega Rentals in Madison. We are excited for the change and using it as an opportunity to improve processes in our home… waking early, prepping lunch the night before, and ensuring the coffee maker is programmed for a caffine-induced commute!

I took an impromptu  day off on Monday and thought it would be a nice excuse to ‘celebrate’ his new job. Miss Connie and I met him in Madison that evening for dinner then a trip to Pope Farm Conservancy to see the sunflower field. Continue reading

Early Summer Photo Dump

I was diligent in posting monthly during the first 12 months, purging our monthly collection of photos. That first year is a big one and I think we did well to capture it in our various forms. Going forward, we’ll purge photos periodically. Here is what early summer has looked like so far.

She loves rides on the tractor, skid steer and four wheeler. We take frequent walks around the land. New to the farm this year, oats. A trip to the zoo, berry picking, and everyday life on the farm.

She is so fun right now. Continue reading

Thy Will Be Done

Life resumes without any hesitation. Certainly that is a good thing, but the slightest of a hesitation would be good too, to not feel like I am plowing ahead at full speed without him.

There is this pressure—most likely self-inflicted—to act as is if nothing happened. To move on, to be normal. To not bring others down with my sorrow, to not reopen my own wound.  Continue reading

Coming Home—Guilt & Fear

It’s been two weeks since we lost James and today, we finally got to bring him home. We opted to have him cremated. That only took a few days, but awaiting his urn and stone/marker took more time.  It was important for us to memorialize him. As we looked through the catalog of options I couldn’t help but realize how the decisions we were trying to make were unfair—young parents picking products for our dead baby. The traditional urns seemed like they should contain the remains of an elderly person, someone who had lived a full life. They did not look suitable for our son who entered and left this world before having a chance. Continue reading

Our Loss of James

Timing. Within hours of going public with our happy baby news we experienced the loss every parent fears. Many may wonder why I would share this or write about it, especially so soon.

I write. I enjoy it and it helps—a form of therapy if you will. I also write to recall our experience, to memorialize our child, to help—mostly me but perhaps others as well. This blog is our story and this is a chapter in that story. Continue reading

Miss Connie’s News

The best little girls get promoted to big sister!

In late February, Cody and I headed to the MOSES Organic Farming Conference. It was a two-night, two-day event away from Miss Connie. Our first night there, I wasn’t feeling well. The next day we got up to go to the conference center, I was feeling better. But once we got there I was burning up. In a crowded meeting room I assumed the heat of all those people elevated my body temp. I noticed my warm-blooded husband however in his hooded sweatshirt, completely zipped up. “Aren’t you hot? I’m boiling!” To which he responded, “You’re pregnant!” Continue reading

Cake Smash

A milestone birthday calls for a milestone photo session! Following her one-year commemorative photos, we celebrated with a cake smash!

Now there are different levels of “protective parent.” I let Connie explore and figure things out for herself and don’t hover too much. She’s received bruises and scratches along the way, but she has also gained confidence and curiosity and is developing very well. When it comes to what she is consuming however, I hover! It is important to me that her exposure to pesticides, toxins, and processed foods is very limited. Continue reading


Happy, happy, happy birthday, Miss Connie! I could mention all the clichés that come with time going too fast, but I’ll just say I am in awe. She’s developed into a little person with personality, tenacity, and a big heart. This has been an amazing year, truly. One year transformation

Weight: 22.02 lbs (83%)   |   Height: 32.75″ (100+%)   |   Head: 18.25″ (86%) Continue reading

Goodbye to Gus

In January I blogged about our fight with Gus’ cancer. This past week, we lost the fight and had to say good-bye.

Gus was a great dog. I mean, all dogs are great, truly, but he had a special way about him, his own style that made everyone fall in love with him. With every vet visit, the doctors and technicians fell in love with him. Kids loved him because he was so calm and didn’t push them over (unlike Nora). Everyone else saw that face, those eyes, and remarked about him.  Continue reading

Arkansas Birthday Celebration

In just a few short days, our sweet angel will be a year old. I’m still in disbelief. We had the opportunity last weekend to visit with our Arkansas family, the Eichorsts. We departed on Thursday at about 4 p.m. Miss Connie fell asleep at her usual time of 8 p.m. and as she stayed asleep through the night, we drove through the night. Cody delivered us safely to my sister’s home almost 12 hours after we left Bear Vale. Continue reading

March Photo Dump

March offered warm temps, longer days, and many evenings outside. We load Connie up in the backpack carrier and off we go for chores and hikes–so we have many selfies this month! Mud season is in full swing at the farm and we are looking forward to green pastures. Cody picked up a manure spreader so that is helping to keep things a little cleaner in the barn yard but the girls are anxious to be in the fileds. Continue reading