November Photo Dump

She is so much fun at this age…. I’ve been amazed at how much she had developed from November 1st to November 30th. She’s learned so many new things, is picking up on language and words, loves books, and enjoys exploring her surroundings. She is still an absolute mama’s girl and I am taking full appreciation for as long as I have that.

Last month involved a trip to South Dakota, new teeth, her first snow and her first barrette hair clip(photos below!), and the fun of the Thanksgiving holiday season which blessed us with another visit with my sister and the girls. Here’s some of the fun and memories captured in November. And, yes, she is as fun and happy as she looks in photos–probably more!






DW4A9726DW4A9728DW4A9731first snow

Meeting Greydon

My brother is a grandpa… sometimes I still have to let that sink in. That means of course then, that I am a Great Aunt, a.k.a. Granut LoLo! Greydon celebrated 1 year of life back in August, and in July (this post is overdue) we got together for a visit while he and his sweet mama were home from Washington. It was a warm sunny day and great for sitting by the pool and hanging with family.

Below are photos of the first meeting of Greydon (13 months) and Miss Connie (3 months). It’s amazing how much my lil girl has grown and changed and developed since this visit.

The first image is of my brother and mother with their grandbabies. Greydon was not too sure about this new babe coming in a stealing his attention or playing with HIS toys!

Hopefully these two babes will get some more visits together in the New Year.

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The Wild West

Carl affectionately refers to South Dakota as the ‘Wild West.’ As we welcomed November, we headed there early Sunday morning, via a route from Lincoln, Nebraska. We arrived around the lunch hour and were excitedly greeted by Grandpa Carl and Grandma Darcy in their new home. We got the tour and then enjoyed a delicious homemade meal, something we had been missing as a result of being on the road for the preceding two days and eating snack foods.

The visit was easy-going and relaxing. For Connie and I anyway. Cody helped his dad install a windmill tower that once stood on Bear Vale ground. If all goes as he hopes, Carl will be able to pump water to his cattle with it. We enjoyed a four-wheeler ride through Webster, time with Carl’s Black Diamonds (cattle), a visit with Wes, and more good food.

Unknown to her at this young age, Connie has some experiences some would be envious of. She drove with her grandpa in a 1942 Ford truck, very similar to the one her grandpa road in as a child. She sat atop a tractor her great-grandfather purchased in the 1960s.  She was hugged between her mama and daddy during a 4-wheeler ride, during which she contentedly fell asleep. She played with a cat who had seen his fair share on young children in his day and graciously allowed her to crawl over him. She visited the Wild West!

Thank you, Carl and Darcy, for a wonderful visit and for the love you hold for our daughter.


DW4A0410 DW4A0412 DW4A0414 DW4A0426

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Halloween in Lincoln

It’s a long way to travel to trick-or-treat, but it was an opportunity to fit two visits into a trip (and a half). We were over due to visit my sister in Arkansas and Cody’s father in South Dakota. Not exactly in the same direction. My sister’s in-laws were planning to gather over Halloween weekend in Lincoln so she suggested we meet up with them there and then head to Webster from there. And that is what we did. On Friday afternoon, we departed and spent approximately 7 hours in the truck making our way to Lincoln. This was Connie’s longest trip to date…. it’s long for most anyone, but being trapped in a car seat probably makes it less desirable. She did pretty good and only needed to be soothed a couple of times.

Dena and the girls met us at the hotel and we spent the evening watching them ooh and aah over our little angel. The next day we headed to Dena’s brother-in-law’s home. He is the Athletic Director for Nebraska, thus the reason for the meeting in Lincoln. We watched Nebraska lose to Purdue, while Wisconsin came out with a victory. We grazed on snack food and hang out, pretty relaxing day. Later the kids got ready for trick-or-treating. Elsa, Ana, Olaf and the purple monster made their way through the neighborhood scoring generous sugary treats.

The next morning we packed up at got on the road around 7 am to head to Webster–5 hours of drive time ahead of us. Here are pics from our time with the Eichorst’s. These girls love my baby so much and I love witnessing that.
DW4A0166 DW4A0169 DW4A0172 DW4A0174DW4A0158_1
DW4A0184 DW4A0211_1 copy DW4A0221_1 copy DW4A0247_1 copy



My sister and I, with our girls. 🙂

October Photo Dump

I can hardly believe it is November. Reflecting on October, it’s a haze. We enjoyed the warm temps and the delayed fall color change. Connie’s great grandma Ruth passed early in the month which provided us with a bonus visit with Grandpa & Grandma Pulvermacher, and the chance to see aunts, uncles, and cousins. During that same week, tooth #2 was working it’s way in and caused some restless nights and fussy moments. The rest of the month flew by and included:

  • turning 6 months old!
  • trying new foods (not a big fan of prunes!)
  • learning the ‘touchdown’ referee signal while watching football with daddy
  • acorn collecting with Grandma Connie
  • her first vaccination
  • PDF pancake breakfast
  • visit with great grandpa Harry
  • a trip to Peck’s
  • a visit with the Wilson’s
  • Halloween party at the Giblin’s
  • and we closed out October with a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to meet up with Aunt DeDe and the girls. (separate post to come)

Here’s October in pictures:


Fair Fun

Cody and I started an annual tradition of taking the Schlutervixens to the Richland County Fair a few years back and we look forward to our evening with them each year. We had a bonus kiddo this year–B-Man Bryce joined in the fun, and after already attending the night before, he had the inside scoop on all the good games! Grandma Cathy also joined us which was a welcome help! As they get older—and too cool for us—this tradition my die off, but for now, it’s going strong. Last year Miss Connie was but a tiny embryo. This year she was in awe of the lights and action and noise. She seemed to really enjoy it all. After the 9 o’clock hour, she began to get into her night-time fuss. We got back home and settled in by 10:30 pm and even though she was exhausted, it took an hour to fall asleep after all the stimulation. Once down, she slept till 5:30 am, woke to nurse and then back to sleep until 8 am. An appreciated night’s rest for mama!

DW4A6846 DW4A6850 DW4A6853 DW4A6858 DW4A6863 DW4A6868 DW4A6875 DW4A6880 DW4A6881 DW4A6885 DW4A6887 DW4A6888 DW4A6895 DW4A6898 DW4A6907 DW4A6910 DW4A6913 DW4A6919 DW4A6920 DW4A6921

4 Months

The thermostat in the house reads 90 degrees. No A/C. 🙂 So since it’s hot and while she can still get away with it, we went topless for these images. Denim skirt compliments of Auntie Angee and headband from Great Aunt Amy and Great Uncle Tom.

Since early on, people have said she looks like Cody. While I don’t see Cody specifically when I look at her, I have noticed over the past month all the things that are his. She has his eyebrows, his hairline, his large eyes, his mouth, his calm demeanor. I have even found myself pondering her personality traits and how they mimic her father’s. So while I don’t see Cody when I look at her—I see all he has passed to her, his features, but in the version of a tiny, beautiful baby girl. Probably sounds funny/strange. 🙂

I am still taking credit for the chin and ears…and maybe the hair, but time will tell on that one.

Gus and Nora wanted to be included and close to Baby Connie, so they made a cameo this month.

1/3 of a year has passed! Month Four:

  • Weight: 14.9 pounds (67th percentile)
  • Height: 26.75″ (100th percentile) …is it too soon to notify colleges?!
  • Eyes: What color do you call that? Grey? Hazel? Still trying to figure them out. They are unique and gorgeous.
  • Hair: Still a Brunette, mostly. Hues of blond and red seem to appear depending on the light. I think it is getting lighter in general…the back remains dark. Her eyebrows are dark so I am hopeful that helps to keep her head of hair dark too!
  • Discoveries/Milestones/Changes:
    • Many babies lose some of their hair. She has maintained most of her’s with the exception of some loss on the sides (she’s a side and tummy sleeper). Should make for a great mullet as the top and back continue to grow.
    • Getting better with her hands. She can grab items and pull them to her mouth.
    • A champion roller from back to tummy, even to the left now.
    • To daddy’s delight, seems to be more dominant with her left hand.
    • She has this sweet thing she does with me. When my face is close to hers, she holds it with her hands, gentle, and gazes at me. Sometimes she will babble while she does it. Melts my heart.
    • She giggles when tickled and during play at times.
    • Continues to find her voice and chatters often—it’s the sweetest sound!
  • Eats: Continues to nurse well and often. We started supplementing with organic formula when needed (sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up) and have introduced some solids (very miniscule amounts) via organic baby cereal added to the bottle and mashed banana.
  • Sleeps: A bottle before bed has helped her get back into sleeping for longer periods. Typically she goes down around 9:30 p.m. and sleeps until 3:30 a.m. and back up around 5 a.m. She goes right back down after nursing each time. Naps during the day are short, usually 10-30 minutes and back up. occasionally she’ll nap for an hour.
  • She smiles often and for everyone. She a pretty happy and content baby girl. Unless it’s between 7 and 10 pm, then she only wants Mama—and I’m good with that! :

DW4A5751_1 DW4A5756_1 DW4A5758_1 DW4A5759_1 DW4A5760_1 DW4A5760_3 DW4A5765_2 DW4A5769_1 DW4A5770_2 DW4A5772_1 DW4A5773_1 DW4A5789_1 DW4A5798_1 DW4A5814_1 DW4A5823_1 DW4A5844_1 DW4A5845_1 DW4A5741_1



RIP Uncle Buddy

It was a beautiful day today. Though filled with sorrow of your loss and the frustration of losing you at just 62 years of age, it was a truly beautiful day. The sun smiled on us all–the so many who gathered to say goodbye. There was a slight breeze which was greatly appreciated by those of us wearing black. And the sky was scattered with big white puffy clouds. Those clouds reminded me of my wedding day, as we had the same beautiful sky that day. I was grateful to have you with us for that special event. While you must have been tired and weak, you made the trip to the top of the hill to be with us. I knew you wouldn’t miss it and I was so honored to have you there with your family.

Life is funny sometimes. As I reflect on your life as I know it through my own, there are big gaps and lost years. But no matter how much time passed, seeing you after years, was like seeing you only yesterday. You were always familiar, always inviting, always family.

Cody asked me years ago how it was that I was related to the Reno family. “Uncle Buddy” would seem to convey relation. Though we did not share blood, you were always family to our family. You were dad’s dearest friend and growing up with your visits, you were always referred to as Uncle Buddy by dad. I think it was probably some time before I realized myself you weren’t an uncle by relation. But you were always family. I understand it now, now that I have a child of my own. When you hold someone dear to you, you bestow that affection and privilege to those you love. Miss Connie has an Aunt Angee and an Aunt Laura. Not her blood aunts, but women so dear to me they deserve the title with my daughter. That is how it was for mom and dad with you. That is how they shared you with us.

There were some real tear-jerker moments today. Pastor Peach, as always, was stoic and flawless. The military service was professional and genuine. Mama got up to share memories about you–and she did good! I was so proud of her. You deserved to be honored and have stories shared and good words spoken about you. I am sure most struggled to keep it together long enough to put a coherent sentence together. She spoke for us all. “…he was a great man….he was a friend….someone you could call when you needed rescued….he was Santa!” She was great.

You are at rest without pain or worry. It’s those you leave behind that bear the burden of hurt. My heart aches for Tammie and the kids and those you shared your days with. They will miss you terribly and think of you often.

As for me, I walked away from today’s services feeling so glad that mom and dad shared you with us. That you were family when you didn’t have to be. As with any loss, I regret the times we missed, the years that pass too quickly. But I am so grateful for the memories and events we did have. Cancer is a horrible thing, but it gives us the opportunity to get those visits in, to say what we need to say. Introducing my daughter to you was special for me. One day, I’ll tell her about you, her Great Uncle Buddy. God bless you.
buddy2santa buddy
Lettman Weddingbuddy1 PulvermacherWedding502_2

62nd birthday celebration, June 2015

62nd birthday celebration, June 2015

Love from Arkansas

A typical year brings my sister home twice per year. It seems that me having a baby may be incentivizing her to make the trip more frequently. Just this past week, she and two of her girls came up for visit #2 since Miss Connie was born, and there is already talk of another visit in September!

Our time together is too short and usually pressed into a holiday in which we have to share each other between our inlaws, gatherings, and events. This visit was different. She stayed with me for a full six days and we didnt have any holiday gatherings or major events to work around. We had good quality time, and Connie was spoiled with love, kisses, hugs, and gifts. “Aunt DeDe” ensured she had three custom onesies that proclaim Aunt DeDe’s love, as well as official Wisconsin gear via Brewers, Packers, and a Badger onesie! 🙂

Throughout the visit I found myself moved many times. The love and excitement my sister and her girls have for my daughter is genuine and profound. They never tired of her smiles and noises and accomplishments. They were eager to smother her more and more with each passing day. My youngest niece especially couldn’t get enough. And she was amazing with Connie.

My sister makes a tremendous sacrifice to make the journey north to be with us for each visit we have. It’s a long drive, time away from her own home and responsibilities, and juggling of work. I found myself more grateful this trip than any in the past. It was a good visit, Sis, and I thank you for being with us. You could do one better and move back, or at least closer! I’ll hold my breath on that one. In the meantime, I hope the September trip happens and I promise you a return visit soon!

Dear Sister, thank you for your selflessness. Thank you for loving my daughter with so much passion. We look forward to seeing you again soon. My beautiful nieces, I love you and I am so proud of the young ladies you are becoming. Thank you for visiting. (Mariah, we missed you, and hope to see you soon!)

DW4A5249_1 DW4A5413_1 DW4A5618_1 DW4A5669_1

IMG_30041[1] IMG_30641[1] IMG_30801[1]

Brett Farve Legend’s Game

Following his induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, Favre hosted a charity flag football event at Camp Randall. My father secured tickets and we spent a few hours on a warm and sunny Sunday watching legends of the Packers and the NFL enjoy a fun game and act like boys again.

Though Connie is just 3 months old and will not recall this day, she can claim to have witnessed the legend, Favre play football. Given his 16 glorious years with the Pack and is future induction into the NFL Hall of Fame, it should sound pretty impressive one day! 🙂

20150719_154705(0) 20150719_154719 20150719_154831 20150719_160455 20150719_160715 20150719_160724 20150719_161440 20150719_161449 20150719_161509 20150719_163007 20150719_163042 20150719_163043 20150719_163403

San Diego

Team Pulvermacher spent last week in San Diego. I had to be there for work. Our babe arrived just shy of 13 weeks before this trip, so the idea of being away from her for a full week, finding care, and managing feedings for her was too much. Off to San Diego we went. Connie was awesome. She took the travels, flying, noise, etc. all in stride. There was barely a fuss. We had four flight legs total. Most of which she slept through.

Cody took the week off of work and was there to be the primary care giver. I had some time during the evenings and could get a break here and there to feed, but by and large, he was on full-time daddy duty Monday through Thursday. Initially, I felt guilty that he was sacrificing a week of PTO and that we weren’t able to spend that time together as a family doing tourist/vacation things. But within a few days of our trip, I noticed a big change in the relationship of my husband and daughter. She loves her daddy, no doubt. And he is smitten by her. But with each passing day I saw them become closer. I asked Cody if he noticed a difference and he said “a little.” It was obvious to me. He was much more confident in his role and in caring for her as she needed. And she was much more attached to him. Daily they talked to each other, bonded, and went out for adventures. Cody took her on walks and explored the area in and around our hotel located on the bayfront of San Diego.

Here she is talking with her daddy one early morning.

On our way home, we went through MSP. Beau and Caleb met us there and met Connie Elizabeth for the first time.

We are happy to be home and have this trip behind us. And I am glad for their father daughter time.


20150712_072843 20150712_081324 20150712_081648 20150712_092752 20150713_075731 20150713_195908 20150714_130640 20150714_192335_LLS 20150715_153227 20150715_185247 20150716_192644 20150717_150540 20150717_151951

1st Boat Ride

I’ve been going to and enjoying Castle Rock Lake for as long as I can remember. I love being on the water. There is therapy in just boating and floating and relaxing. I hope my baby girl enjoys the water and associated activities as much as I do one day. On July 5 she had her second introduction to the lake and first boat ride with Grandma and Papa. Cousin Chance joined us for fun on the boat and at the beach.

Baby Connie got to try out her adorable tutu suit from Aunt Dena during this outing.

Side note: Infant life jackets fit horribly! 🙂

20150705_153714 20150705_153740 20150705_162550 20150705_172722 20150705_172746 20150705_184211 20150705_095154 20150705_132822 20150705_133116 20150705_133546 20150705_140503 20150705_140540 20150705_140607 20150705_142423 20150705_153518 20150705_153655 20150705_153705

6 Weeks_Photo Dump

It’s been six weeks (and two days) since we welcomed you into this world, Sweet Baby Connie. While I have not taken as many photos as I thought I would have to this point, I have taken a fair share, and it’s time for a “photo dump.” Here’s a photo recap of your six weeks of life. You’ve grown so much and I wish for time to slow down.


Thank you, Grandma Cathy. This was a wonderful surprise to come home to.



DW4A3826 DW4A3841 DW4A3852 copy DW4A3830










20150510_192249 20150501_134711 20150429_132438 20150426_180908 20150425_132236 20150420_162233 20150420_162011DW4A395820150512_20455420150510_192858 DW4A3882 DW4A3874 DW4A3862 DW4A4135 DW4A3917DW4A4037DW4A4040

DW4A4045 copy

One Month

One month has flown by and I have seen so many changes in that time. I can’t help but wish for time to slow down. At the same time, I find myself asking who she will look like, what she will become. To remember her early days and months, I plan to take monthly pics. These images are certainly not my best work, totally amateur style, but the important thing is capturing images of this sweet baby to cherish and have for recall. We’ll be able to look back and review changes from one month to the next and always remember this first year of her life, and the months when she was tiny and squishy.

Month One

  • Eyes: Stormy blue (greyish blue)
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Nicknames: Sweet Baby, Baby Girl, and Boobie Monster
  • Favorite things about her: Her smile ( I get more smiles with each passing day and she gave me a few for the photos too!), snuggles, watching her watch us
  • Approximate weight: 10+ lbs (8 lbs 10.6 oz at her first check up on 05/01; up from 7lbs 12 oz at birth)
  • Eats: very good, exclusively breastfed
  • Sleeps: very good. some nights she’ll do a 5 hour stretch, but on average 3-4 hours between feedings

First set-up includes a baby blanket made for my mother when she was pregnant with me and a pink elephant from Grandma Cathy. Mint onesie, compliments of great-aunt Paula.

DW4A39911_1DW4A4024_1 DW4A4022_1 DW4A4019_1 DW4A4007_1 DW4A4005_1These images are for Daddy. He wanted some with is model JD 820 tractor. We’ll have to work on a better set up for future monthly sessions. JD socks from aunt Dena!


Showing off her muscles!



That smirk! Love!

DW4A4002_1 DW4A3999_1

And I couldn’t have managed this photo session without the assistance and supervision of Gus and Nora. They have felt slightly neglected since Connie’s arrival, but are handling it well.